I used to dream of having the perfect career, so I went to college, got a degree, and then decided that being stuck in an office all day wasn’t for me... 

And not only that, but it wasn’t even possible for me.

As a mom to two amazing, wild little girls and wife to a nuclear something (he does stuff with things) in the Air Force, our schedules were constantly changing and we moved a lot.

When we moved overseas for the first time I learned that a corporate job in public relations was probably not in the cards for me in a foreign country – so I tried all kinds of things cleaning houses, being a Zumba instructor, being a teen program coordinator – but none of it gave me the freedom and sense of purpose I wanted. 

Finally, I started a business as a virtual assistant. While I loved learning the ins and outs of digital marketing, I saw my clients struggling with all the backend work in their businesses. 

So I dove in.

And fell head over heels in LOVE with digital marketing, systems, funnels, and automation. 

I learned everything I could about running smart, simple, and effective businesses through effective systems management and marketing. And my clients started seeing results. 

Many of my clients hit six-figures after we created successful sales funnels and systems in their businesses. 

Some even tripled their revenue!

One in less than a year with a digital product sales funnel I built using ONLY free platforms. 

And another by designing complex automations in her business that gave her the complete freedom to run multiple businesses without being tied to every action that needed to be taken.

Everything we do is to help business coaches and digital course creators live in their zone of genius while their business thrives. 

I want that to be your reality too.

OBM, marketing strategist, tech junkie, girl mom x2, and military spouse. 

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Hey, I'm Mary

Certified digital marketing expert

by the digital marketing institute

  • I am a lover of wine, good coffee (think Italian espresso), traveling, and skiing.
  • I’m an Enneagram 8 who loves some good competition and is not afraid to say it like it is. No B.S here! 
  • I’ve been politely called a tech junkie, automation queen, and grammarly guru to name a few. 
  • If I were in paradise you would find me either on the beach with an Aperol Spritz or up in the Alps skiing and spending time with my fam.

A few fun facts

Rebecca Bender- CEO of the Rebecca Bender Initiative and the Founder of Elevate Academy


"Seriously she knows so much about the back end to make things work seamlessly so you don’t have to do it all manually. She helped get us all setup and streamlined and continued to help fix problems along the way as we tried to do more in house. I would recommend her 100%."

Mary is the best!!!!

5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Coaches and Digital Course Creators


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